You can use your card at any ATM in South Africa to withdraw cash and at merchants displaying the MasterCard sign to pay for goods or services.

Your Gift Central Card can be used at any retailer/merchant countrywide at any point of sale.

Sms your 16 digit card number to “34246” or go to

If your card has expired and there is still money on your card, please contact the company who issued the card to you. The money can be transferred onto a new card .

You may only use your card in South Africa; any transaction attempted in another country will be declined.

You should call 0861114093 between 9am and 11pm. Contact the person who issued the card to you and your card can be stopped to prevent anyone else from withdrawing your money. Unfortunately, any money on the card that is used before you stop your card will be lost.

The card is intended to pay you and is not an account; no one else other than the person who gave you the card may load money onto your card, including yourself.

Any debit orders loaded on your card will not be paid. This includes any deductions made by micro lenders.

Your pin can be reset by calling 0861114093 . Alternatively you may contact the company who issued the card and they will be able to assist.

A Cash Card /Paycard is a PrePayCentral product which can be used to make purchases at any merchant terminal countrywide. Cardholders have the ability to draw cash from ATMS as well as from selected merchants. The card takes away the risk of managing and carrying large amounts of cash. The card is reloadable and expires after 3 -5 years.

Loading cards with funds  can only take place through the PrePayCentral online portal. The portal is linked to a Standard Bank Trust account and once money has reflected in the specified account you will be able to load funds onto the cards. 

Unfortunately online purchases cannot be made using the Gift /Cash card.